Always sporty as a child, from a young age Ross aspired to be a Black Belt, following in the footsteps of his father. At age 13 he started his Martial Arts training and has never looked back!


After dabbling in Boxing and a couple of other styles, Ross officially began his TaeKwon-Do training under Master Mark Hutton in 2005. Quickly progressing through the grades, Ross achieved his Black Belt in 2009. He then went on to promote to 2nd Degree in 2012, 3rd Degree in 2015 and in 2019, Ross earned his 4th Degree Black Belt and the title of Expert International Instructor at only 27 years old.


Ross also holds a 4th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing.


Always a keen competitor, Ross was one of Scotland's elite Martial Arts Athletes and was been a key member of the ITF Scotland National Taekwon-Do Team and the ISKA Scotland National Kickboxing Team for a number of years. He has represented his country at World and European level since he was a junior and also played a key role in the TKD Scotland Demonstration Team too. 


Ross has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunities to train with some of the best Martial Arts Practitioners in the world; First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, Grand Master Bos, ITF and Kickboxing legend Tomaz Barada, iconic ITF coach Master Van de Mortel, Grand Master Paul Cutler, World Champion points fighter Justin Ortiz, Master Kenneth Nolan (one of Chuck Norris' Master Instructors) and many more!


Ross is also a certified advanced Personal Trainer and Sports Conditioning Coach. He specialises in; weight-management, body conditioning and athlete development, with an impressive portfolio of client transformations and reviews.


In 2015, Ross was offered the opportunity of a lifetime when he was asked by Championship Martial Arts to run a full-time school for them in Florida after visiting and training at one of their academies whilst in the States. Unfortunately, Ross had to decline the offer due to commitments back home in Scotland but still keeps in touch with his friends and contacts in the USA regularly.


Competitive Achievements:


  • x2 WKO World Champion 2019

  • x3 General Choi Hong Hi International Cup Champion 2019

  • ITF British Champion & Bronze Medalist 2018

  • WKU Scottish Champion 2018

  • WKA Everlast Scottish Open Champion 2018

  • x2 ITF Holland Cup Champion 2018

  • x2 time EMAP Open International Champion 2018

  • WUMA Scottish Champion & Bronze Medalist 2018

  • ISKA Scottish Champion & x2 Bronze Medalist 2018

  • ITFS Scottish Champion & Silver & Bronze Medalist 2018

  • x3 ISKA World Champion 2017

  • WKA Ring Sports British Champion 2017

  • WKC Aberdeen Open Champion & Bronze Medalist 2017

  • Scottish Championship & x2 Silver Medalist 2017

  • ISKA World Championships Silver & Bronze Medalist 2016

  • ISKA Scottish Champion & Silver Medalist 2016

  • WKU Kilmarnock Open Champion & Bronze Medalist 2016

  • x2 North East Challenge Cup Champion & Bronze Medalist 2015

  • ISKA Edinburgh Open Champion 2015

  • WKU Scottish Championships Bronze Medalist 2015

  • MSBA XIII Open Champion and x2 Silver Medalist 2015

  • PUMA TKD World Champion 2014

  • TKD-UK x2 Scottish Champion 2014

  • ISKA Wishaw Open Champion 2014

  • Holland Cup Silver Medalist 2014

  • West Lothian Open x3 Champion 2014

  • MSBA XII Open Double Champion and Silver Medalist 2014

  • ITFS Scottish Champion 2010, 2011

  • GTUK Scottish Champion & Silver Medalist 2010

  • ITFS Overall Junior Champion 2008

  • ITFS Junior Scottish x3 Champion 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

  • Junior ITA Irish Open x2 Champion 2006

  • Junior ITFE English Open Champion and Silver Medalist 2007 


Full Contact Kickboxing Record, 4 (W) - 1 (L)

  • ISKA Full Contact -71kg British Champion




Brian is one of I-Kick's International Instructor Martial Arts Instructors and Chief Examiner. Currently a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do, Brian started his Martial Arts career at age 14. He was part of the first generation of authentic Taekwon-Do practitioners in the UK having originally trained under Grand Master Tom McCallum 9th Degree (then Mr McCallum).


Having competed in many National Tournaments, as well as being picked to train with the original Great Britain squad back in the 80's, Brian has second-to-none experience and knowledge of what Martial Arts is all about. He was one of his original Instructor's first Black Belt's and ran his own club in Grangemouth for a period of time in his younger years before joining the RAF.


Brian has also trained with some of the best in the business! He even had the chance to train with the founder of Taekwon-Do - General Choi Hong Hi back in the day. He is also one of the very few students who has the honour of being given a double-promotion by the Pioneer of UK Taekwon-Do, the legendary First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha 9th Degree.




It was fate that Ashley would become involved in the Martial Arts industry in some way, shape or form! Her Dad was a Black Belt Instructor in Karate and her step-dad a Black Belt Coach in Kickboxing. She also started her Martial Arts journey at just 9 years old when she began training in TaeKwon-Do.

Ashley is a great addition to our team and keeps things running on reception as well as behind the scenes as our admin manager.


Prior to I-Kick, Ashley worked in the Early Years industry, so she's got plenty of experience when it comes to working with children. She's the face of the club when you first arrive and is always there to greet our members and clients with a smile.

Ashley is also a qualified Personal Trainer and still trains in both TaeKwon-Do and Kickboxing with a good bit of competition experience behind her too.

Accolades & Achievements:

  • ITF Scottish Champion 2019

  • ITF British Champion & Silver Medalist 2018

  • x2 ITF Holland Cup Champion 2018

  • ITF Scottish Champion 2018

  • EMAP Open International Champion & Silver Medalist 2018

  • x2 T-UK Scottish Open Champion 2018

  • NECC Champion 2018




Jack came to I-Kick already a competent Black Belt. He is a very capable, cool and composed Martial Artist with a lot of passion for teaching and a keen eye for detail.


Jack teaches classes whilst also juggling his university studies and is always happy to be of assistance. With a bright future ahead of him, Jack has the potential to take his teaching and Martial Arts skills to the highest level. We love having him involved at the club, helping our students to learn and develop as the club continues to grow.


A fine example for our younger students to look-up to.

Accolades & Achievements:

  • Overall Champion for Junior Black Belt 2018 - ITF British Championships

  • x2 Junior ITF British Champion 2018

  • WKU Scottish Champion 2018

  • WKU Junior Silver Medalist 2017



Ross has been training at I-Kick since he was 10 years old. He was one of our first ever students to join and has been consistent with his training ever since. Ross is currently aiming towards his Black Belt and is helping out part-time as a Junior Assistant Instructor at the club.

Ross is a dedicated Martial Artist and a fantastic role model for our younger students. He has also had some great success in many competitions and is a great addition to our Coaching team.

Accolades & Achievements:

  • x2 Junior ITF British Champion 2018

  • x2 Junior ITF Scottish Champion 2018

  • T-UK Goodwill Champion 2018

  • T-UK Scottish Champion 2017



Nathan is a fantastic student who possesses all the right qualities that a good Martial Arts practitioner should have. He's hard worker and a keen learner, who trains in both Kickboxing and TaeKwon-Do. Nathan knew that he didn't just want to train in the arts but also aspired to teach from very early on in his career.

After fast-tracking through our Leadership programme, Nathan become an Assistant Instructor with us at just age 16. His enthsuiasm and passion for teaching is infectious! Well liked by all of the students he works with, Nathan is a fantastic addition to the I-Kick team.

Accolades & Achievements:

  • Silver medalist at the WKU Kilmarnock Open 2019

  • Silver medalist a the WKA Open Scottish Championships 2019



Christine has been the back bone of our club for many years! With over 25 years of experience in the corporate industry, she uses her vast skillset and expertise to help run the operational side of the business. She is our club's fairy godmother who organises everything and keeps it all together in the background. Although she doesn't practice Martial Arts herself, she has absolutely no problem with keeping our Instructors and students in check!


Christine's bubbly and kind natured personality shines through to everyone she meets. She is also our club's number #1 fan when it comes to cheering the students on at the competitions and events. 


With an infectious laugh and a heart of gold, she is a massive asset and adds huge value to I-Kick as a whole. We couldn't do what we do without her!