We offer a unqiue one-of-a-kind Martial Arts class at I-Kick Martial Arts called "Kicks & Tricks". This specialised class is designed to give students the chance to learn the cool "Movie Star/Superhero Moves", in a safe and fun envrionment. Learning a combination of freestyle acrobatics moves and tumbles as well as fancy kicking and Martial Arts techniques that mainstream classes don't incorporate.


We have specialised equipment in the class to ensure that all students perform within their levels of capability and that they are doing so safely and controlled. 


Learning these type of moves helps to increase the students ability both physically and mentally as they push themself to constantly strive for more. It is a fantastic way for them to focus their energy into something positive whilst learning skills that their friends and class mates won't be able to do.

Check-out the video link below to see what type of things the students will be striving to learn in these style of classes.

Requirements to participate:


  • 9 years of age or older.


  • Are fit and healthy to participate in extreme sports and physical exercise.



This class is open to the public as well and is done on a pay-as-you-go basis - classes are £5.